Choose the Heart You Like Best and You’ll Know What Kind of Lover You Are

Enjoy this fun little visual test,  as we will help you determine how romantic you are when it comes to relationships!


If you choose:


Heart 1:


You’re a quiet lover!


You have a calming presence on those around you. Trust and loyalty are important to you in a partner, and you take some time to warm up to new people. But once you give your heart to someone, you are fiercely loyal.


Heart 2:


You’re a mysterious lover!


You are sultry and alluring, and rarely reveal your true nature. You are intoxicating and mysterious — never giving away too much. This way you always protect yourself from getting hurt. People can’t get enough of your mysterious charm!


Heart 3:


You love unconditionally!

You long to have something close to the ideal, like devoted relationships depicted in romantic tales. A night filled with flowers, candles, and staring into each other’s eyes isn’t cheesy to you, it’s the norm! For all you give, you do expect the same unconditional love in return and often receive it bounteously.

Heart 4:

You’re a passionate lover!

You live a physically and sexually rich life, and you always bring the heat in the bedroom. You exude a strong energy and are always in control, and your partners love that about you!

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