Choose A Window And We’ll Tell You About Yourself And Your Qualities

Our eyes are the window to the world. But, depending on our perspective, we see some things and miss others, and we judge them from different angles. The way we see things can define us as a person.

That’s why we want to share this test with you. It will help identify your personality according to the perspective from which you see the world.


Option 1

You tend to be an enterprising person. You crave having your own business one day that will allow you to administrate your own time. You tend not to be very affectionate in personal relationships, which can distance you from those by your side.

Option 2

You enjoy home and family, and dedicate your time to them. There’s nothing that makes you happier than enjoying the silence and peace that your home brings you. All of this makes you an ideal candidate to be a mom or dad.

Option 3

You need to draw the line, showing others and yourself that you’re independent. You love freedom. You tend to be disciplined and firm in your convictions. But you have to learn to be more flexible in your relationships and when it comes to judging others.

Option 4

You’re a natural romantic. Your sensitivity and imagination make you fly through the air, enjoying every aspect of life.

Option 5

You like to be informed of the latest trends and enjoy every minute of it. You love new experienced and challenges. That doesn’t make you a great partner, but definitely a very entertaining friend.