Pick A Leaf and Learn What Kind of Person Are You in a Relationship!

Want to know what kind of person are you in a relationship? Try this test from Meow Gag. All you have to do is think about the leaves and the beautiful trees they would have fallen from, then choose the most appealing leaf for you.

Option 1:

If you have chosen this leaf, you are a very goal-oriented person. When you fall in love, you evidently recognize that you are ready to do anything to form a good and resilient relationship. You’re knowledgeable on how to treasure your feelings; your love is not a matter to be questioned. You’re described as a very honest partner, which means you will not cheat on your beloved one and you’ll never risk your relationship for a minute if pleasure.

Option 2:

Choosing this leaf means you love your freedom. When you fall in love, for a long time you do not demonstrate your true feelings, because you are scared to dive into something serious. You love to experiment; that’s why you are referred to be very good in bed.

Option 3:

Picking this leaf means that you commit yourself to another person, even if it is not very good for you. Still, your other half will be really contented building relationships with you, because you are a “flexible” person who can adjust to diverse conditions. Nevertheless, it is recommended for you to take care of yourself!

Option 4:

This leaf indicates that you are an optimist and romantic. You love when your relationships are pure and genuine. You form excellent plans and appreciate romantic fantasies. You do whatever it takes to make your other half happy! It is rather unusual in the current world!

Via MeowGag