Choose An Image To See Which Stage Of Life You Are Experiencing

We all undergo fundamental changes as we progress through life; it’s inevitable. But surprisingly, it has nothing to do with age! According to Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, these stages have to do with who we are as individuals and our purpose in life.

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1. The Athlete

The athlete phase is the least mature phase among all the phases in life. It is characterized by being obsessed with our appearance and physique. The athlete phase can be narcissistic, critical, or even both. One typical example of this is teenagers, but also people who were raised by narcissistic parents.

2. The Warrior

As we move on to the Athlete phase, we get to the warrior phase. Here is where we begin assuming responsibilities and having the desire to be successful in life. Our goals and objectives seem to get a little clearer and we slowly bloom as individuals.

3. Declaration

Maturity-wise, the Declaration phase is a huge step forward. The Declaration phase is often related to raising children and focusing on leading them to a better life. However, this phase is not solely about raising children – it is about leaving a legacy behind in life. This is the best time to reflect on what you have achieved – not only for yourself, but for others in your life.

4. The Spirit

The Spiritual phase is the final stage of life. In this phase, we realize that we’re more than what we’ve accumulated: be it money, friends, possessions, good deeds, or milestones. We realize we’re spiritual beings on a life journey which has no real beginning or end. The spiritual phase is about giving off light and nourishing, having without possessing, acting without expectation, leading without trying to control.

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