The First Letter Of Your Name Can Give You A Clear Idea Of How You Are When It Comes To Love

The English alphabet consists of 26 letters, composed of 5 vowels and 21 consonants. All of us have a name, by which we’re identified, which is normally given to us by our parents after we’re born.

Well, our name not only identifies us as people, but also determines many aspects of our lives, such as our personality. What letter does your name begin with? Find it below and find out how you are when it comes to love. We warn you, it’s a long text.


You’re not a romantic person, nor do you have time for insignificant details. You often find public displays of affection to be over-the-top and prefer to keep them private.


Although you’re not a 100% romantic, you do like to involve yourself in situations that have a touch of sensuality. You like to try new experiences with your partner and, sometimes, without them.


You’re a very sociable person, so you always try to include your partner in your activities. You also like the person that’s by your side to take you to their events and dinners with friends, because you enjoy spending time together in the company of others.


When we talk about people who are stubborn in love, your name generally stands out. Although sometimes your friends tell you that the path you’re on isn’t the right one, you’re one of those people who get fixed on an idea.


Once you meet the person you want to spend more than a short while with, you become a person whose greatest need is to talk. Sometimes, you don’t even give space for your partner to tell you what they think about the world.


You tend to idealize the first phase of falling in love. You live in a romantic world which, while being useful for accomplishing some things, can make you lose sight of the horizon and clouds your ability to see who people around you really are.


You look for perfection in every detail and every person. This is a positive thing because it makes you demand good things in life. However, you should remember that things don’t always go as planned and perfection is an impossible goal.


While you’re a person who is generous in love and with your partner, you constantly demand the same of your partner to reinforce your reputation. Countless times you ask them to show you what you’ve already shown them, or remind them of things you’ve done for them.


You look for an expert partner who knows what they want in life and has clear goals. This is why you sometimes tend to behave indecisively, because you expect your partner to find solutions to your own problems.


You’re a romantic person who is attached to love. You freely enjoy your partner and want them to also be romantic, without the need to call you all day. Frequently, you’re the one who takes the initiative.


You tend to give off the wrong first impression. This happens because you have insecurities that you reflect via bad habits. However, when people get to know you better, they realize you’re a delight.


You’re a person who is convinced that with love, anything is possible. You idealize some situations and people, and although you are sometimes wrong, your positive attitude to love generally ends up with things working out in your favor.


When it comes to love, you take things with too much emotion and intensity. That’s why, when you’re in a relationship, you put all of your attention into making it work and that every day you get something out of it. You constantly worry about your partner’s health and well-being.


You tend to be too maternal and loving. You frequently accompany your partner to the doctor, worry about their health, and ask if they have eaten enough. You try to take care of them in every way possible.


You are the opposite of the letter N. You’re a person who is unattached in love. While you recognize when you’re in love with someone, you’re not the kind of person to constantly call or show interest in your partner’s activities.


You have an enviable creativity when it comes to taking on new challenges in love. You provide amazing gifts and experiences. You always look for something new, and when you meet a new person, you do everything to attract that person to you.


You need someone with a lot of physical energy. You like to go walking, running, dancing, or to new places. Your partner has to keep up with you, otherwise you’ll get bored. For you, it’s vitally important that, in love, you both travel the world.


You’re a person who looks for an intelligent partner, who can talk to you about things you don’t know about, and who looks like somebody cultured. You fall in love with people’s minds more than any other quality.


You’re constantly looking for people who are physically attractive. You’re interested in finding partners who look great in the mirror and on camera. This is because, ultimately, you think that others will judge you by the person standing next to you.


Your thing is extreme sensitivity and emotion. It can be positive, such as when you show all your love in the best possible way, as well as negative, exploding in unpredictable ways.


You’re very enthusiastic in love. You always try to see the bright side and catch your partner’s attention with friendly, loving details. Your thing is going to the park or cinema. You like simple things.


You’re attracted to eccentric people. This is probably because you have an intimate side, which tends to disappear when you’re with noisy or attention-seeking partners. You feel comfortable participating in your partner’s activities.


You’re a jealous person. If you go down a positive path, you can be a loving person who is protective of your partner. However, if your jealousy gets out of control, you can become too controlling and end up seeing devastating results.


You love to play games with your partner. You try to play with them in any way you can: from typical seduction games, to something more innocent. You always like to win, which is why you sometimes cheat.


You constantly look for feedback from your partner. For you, love is like a study, in which the subject is always the other person. You have to be sure about what is coming in the future, so you always try to talk and understand what your partner is thinking.


You’re very far from believing that your perfect soulmate exists. However, whenever you face a romantic situation, a little ray of hope begins to shine inside of you, although you try to control it in order to protect yourself from possible disappointment.

Did you look for the letter of your name, or did you read them all? Tell us what you thought about the descriptions of how you are when it comes to love.