Choose A Necklace And We’ll Tell You About Your Personality

It’s simple. Just take a look at these six necklaces and pick the one you like the most. Below, you’ll find a description of your personality according to which necklace you chose.

If you chose…

1. Silver disk

You’re a person who has a classic style and everyone knows you prefer not to take risks with unnecessary change. If something’s headed in the wrong direction, you are easily upset. You’re also fiery. It’s important to be conscious of the fact that everything flows and changes. So, try to be more free.

2. Gold circle

You’re a person whose mood can change at the speed of light. You tend to be fickle and probably have several different hobbies which is why it’s hard for you to focus on just one. Generally, there’s nothing negative in your personality. You are how you are, just try to avoid reacting too quickly.

3. Blue pendant

You’re a lucky person, favored by destiny and you probably don’t even realize it. The best advice is don’t play with your luck. As long as you don’t lose your cool, luck will always be on your side. Remember, fortune favors those who appreciate it.

4. Connecting hearts

You’re a person with great mental clarity and naivety. You enjoy all the small details, even birds singing can bring you satisfaction. People like you permanently retain their youth, inside and out. However, you must be careful not to stay behind in childhood and learn to deal with difficult situations with maturity.

5. Gold heart

You’re a person who cares about love more than anything else in life. That’s why you’re admirable not only in romantic relationships, but when dealing with others. Since childhood, you learned that a full life isn’t possible without love. So, you try to find the best in everybody and always give them a smile.

6. Silver bow

You’re a very feminine person. In addition to usually having a pleasant demeanor, people see you as peaceful and calm. You always try to smile and you are believer in true love. It’s possible that, because of jealousy, some women don’t like the way you are.