Crystal Crowns Are The Next Magical Trend And You’ll Definitely Want One

If you are looking for another way to adorn yourself if magical crystals, we have just the thing for you- Crystal Crowns!

I have spent the past few days scouring the internet trying to find the best of the best, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to two candidates. You’ll be amazed at the incredible designs from Chelsea’s Flower Crowns¬†and the simplistic perfection of Judy and Madeline’s creations.


Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe them. Crystal crowns are an everyday accessory if you ask me, and although they are stunning enough for a special occasion, one is not needed. In fact, I would say you could “rock” these gemstone crowns just about anywhere!


They are simply stunning, and who wouldn’t feel like an absolute fairy queen wearing one? If you love these styles as much as I do, or if you are keen to design your own, check out the Etsy shops we’ve included in this article and let your creativity soar.


Now, onto the awesomeness!


Chelsea’s Flower Crowns

Chelsea offers two sizes for her crystal crowns, and they all come standard with quartz crystals. You can choose between gold or silver as a finish, and either way, will not be disappointed.


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 12.23.59 pm.png


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 12.23.39 pm.png


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 12.22.21 pm.png


Images courtesy of ChelseasFlowerCrowns


Judy and Madeline 

Judy and Madeline’s shop on Etsy has some truly magnificent finds. Their Halo crowns have an Aztec and Mayan flair to them, the Crystal crown variations are enough to make any Goddess swoon, and some of them even have LED lights!

Lapis Azteca Crown


Maya Turquoise Halo Crown


Blue Mystic Crystal Quartz Halo Crown


Druzy Agate Azteca Halo Crown


Von Teese Crystal Crown [Raw Deep Red Crystal Quartz Crown]
The 3 Witches Brew [Raw Black Crystal Quartz & Skull Crown / Tiara]
3 Witches Brew [Raw Black Crystal Quartz & Skull Crown]
The Dark Amethyst Crown, Burning Man, Mermaid Crown, Festival Crown, Purple Tiara, EDM Fashion, Purple Crown, EDC, Wedding, Bridal Crown
Dark Amethyst Crown


Guinevere Crystal Crown


The Electric LED Crystal Crown [White Angel Aura Crystal Quartz] Electric Forest, Burning Man, EDC, PLUR, Rave, Electric Daisy Carnival
Electric LED Crystal Crown

So which one is your favourite? There are many more to choose from so be sure to check them all out!

By Raven Fon for