18 Times Karma Taught Jerks A Valuable Lesson In Life

By Raven Fon

You know those perfect moments, when someone says or does something messed up, then is instantly reprimanded by Karma? Well we gathered 18 of our favourite moments of instant Karma and decided to share them here with you today!

Karma is defined as “the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering.” 

Sounds simple enough, but obviously some people haven’t quite grasped the concept. Let’s take a look and see how glorious instant Karma is to behold:

#1 Police in turkey try to stop a Pride Parade by using water cannons. They create rainbows everywhere.

#2 Jerk tries to get ahead of other driver by speeding recklessly on the side. A bit too fast to see what’s right ahead.

#3 Man attempts to loot a store during a riot. Gets instant head trauma while trying to leave.

#4 If you try to push your dog into the lake, remember: they have four legs, you only have two.

#5 Remember that annoying milk-smashing trend a few years back? This kid just got the memo that it isn’t cool anymore.

#6 While trying to be an annoying jerk and poke his friend in the eye, he actually got himself. Clean shot, Karma.

#7 After a hit and run, Karma decided to leave a little reminder.

#8 Don’t kick a garbage bin that kicks back.

#9 Also, don’t punch signs that punch back.

#10 Sometimes people intervene on Karma’s behalf. Don’t text and drive- it makes you a jerk.

#11 Karma happens in the animal kingdom too. Just watch this jerk of a Yak get what’s coming to him.

Yak Flip

#12 And just because no one else saw it, doesn’t mean it never happened. Karma knows.

Vet Gets Instant Karma

#13 When a thief tries to make a run for it, Karma hits him hard. Pretty sure he felt that one.

#14 Horses tend to act in their own accordance with Karma. In other words, never f*** with a horse.

#15 Also, momma ducks don’t play around.

#16 Someone parked in this person’s space every day for a week. On the 8th day Karma said…

#17 Girl runs on taxi tab but leaves phone (logged into Facebook of course.) Taxi driver gets revenge Karma-style.

#18 If you try anything stupid with a cop, you better be prepared for some intense instant karma.