New Tattoo Trend Lets You Listen To Your Ink

By Iman Mitchell

Whether it’s washed-out watercolors, beautiful geometrics, or teeny tiny tats that are oh-so-delicate, we’re all about the tattoo trends that have taken over the ink industry lately. The most recent addition to tattoos, however,  takes ink to a whole new, even more personalized level.

You’ve probably seen soundwave tattoos before, but thanks to a new company called Skin Motion, technology now exists to be able to “listen to” your tattoo!

That’s right! “What is more personal, more permanent, and more meaningful than a tattoo?” the site asks. “A tattoo you can play back.”

The technology, created by tattoo artist Nate Siggard, allows users to upload a sound bite to an app, see the soundwave it makes, and get that soundwave tattooed by a Skin Motion-approved artist in their area! Then, you’ll be able to amaze your friends by scanning the soundwave and listening to back to up to a minute of audio that your wave is based on. Incredible!

Don’t believe us? Watch it in action below, and enjoy our gallery of some beautiful soundwave tattoos ahead!

Sound wave tattoos make a great idea to share a message forever with a BFF

One of the great things about these sleek designs, is they can go anywhere- like discreetly behind the ear!

You can get something sentimental to you. This person got their sister’s laugh tattooed on their arm.

This couple got a tattoo of their son’s first heartbeat. Awww!

Trees and sound waves come together to create a very special tattoo with a very special memory.

Which one is your favourite?



Via Pout+About