Itsy Bitsy Bonsai Plants Grow in Adorable Thimble-sized Ceramic Pots

Japan’s admiration for all things delicate and small is fairly well-known, especially within the practice of Bonsai art.

But the new trend of cho-mini Bonsai, or ultra-small Bonsai trees, gives new meaning to the term miniature. Cho-mini Bonsai are typically no more than three centimeters in height and fit into adorable thimble-sized ceramic pots.

Especially popular with those lacking the space for larger sized bonsai, the mini Bonsai versions are perfect for just about any location.

Some of the more traditional plant species used in Bonsai trees are not recommended for the mini bonsai version.

There are plenty of plants that will grow in the ultra-tiny pots such as dandelions, tiny daikon radishes and even mini maple trees.

Growing the tiny bonsai in the small pots certainly takes some patience, but the end result is just too cute.

There are a variety of miniature pots and display units available for those looking to take their mini-bonsai love to the next level.

There are a number of plants that can grow in miniature size such as dandelions and mini maple trees.

BY: NICOLE JEWELL for Inhabitat