70 Years of Evolving Douchebag Style Shown In a Chronological Time Lapse

Certain things will carry on through the decades…like the ever-evolving style of the douchebag. You can spot one a mile away, in any time period.

How would you describe douchebag fashion in the 90’s? Maybe spiked and frosted hair, upside-down visor, shades behind the head, and a surfer shell necklace? You’d be spot on.

Laughing Squid tells us this about the following video: In a hilarious spoof of the Cut series “100 Years of Beauty“, the very funny Circa Laughs provided a visual history of the past 70 years of “evolving douchebag style” as modeled by Matthew Broussard. Broussard’s hair, condescending attitude and general abhorrent behavior were styled in correlation with the questionable trends of each decade.

So take a few minutes and enjoy the compilation of douchebag style through the decades. Let us know if there was anything you would add!