The Constant Battle Between Our Heart And Our Brain- As A Hilarious Comic!

By Raven Fon

The heart versus the brain. It is an ongoing battle for most, if not all of us. Personally, I find the balance to be in favour of my heart most of the time. Then the brain tells me all the reasons why that is a bad idea.

Imagine if you could turn those “battles” into something wonderful yet hilarious. The truth is oftentimes the best component of humour, and the following images are no exception.

Awkward Yeti is a series of cartoons by Nick Seluk with a spinoff called “Heart and Brain.” Lars, the Yeti, goes through his daily experiences with a large side of awkwardness (hence the title) and social anxiety. Heart and Brain  follows the inner dialogue between the cynical, society-influenced Brain and the impulsive, optimistic Heart. Together, the three characters are metaphorically inspired by the concept of the Id (Heart), the Ego (Lars) and the Superego (Brain).

Nick has recently released a collection of his work and it is available worldwide.

Enjoy the following cartoons and be sure to share the awkwardness!

Financial Prowess

New Year's Resolutions

the Art Museum

the Art Museum

All things


a quick break

Fear of failure

Why doesn't this work?!


All images via Awkward Yeti


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