The First Thing You See In This Photo Will Determine Your Personality

When is a picture more than a picture? When it’s an optical illusion.

The way in which you perceive this optical illusion actually says a lot about who you are as a person. The key with these kinds of things is to always go with your gut. Trust your first instinct, that way you’ll get an honest answer about your personality.

Take a look at this picture.


What do you see? Do you see the face of a young woman? Or do you see the face of an old man? Now it’s impossible to get both images out of your head.

But what does it say about you?

According to research, if you see the face of a young woman, you’re more optimistic, happy and a bit impulsive.

If you saw the old man in the first picture it indicates you are more experienced and tend to think critically and see things from all angles.

These answers also work for this optical illusions.


It just goes to show you that there are no wrong answers when it comes to optical illusions…

Check out this one and tell me what you see first.

If you first see silhouettes of faces, you’re likely looking at this picture up close.


This indicates that you like to jump right in when confronted with a problem and figure things out as you go.

If you first see a candlestick, this indicates that you like to take a step back and see the big picture.

This one is a bit creepy.


If you noticed the skull, it tends to show that you’re a bit of a cynic or realist.

If you first saw the woman looking into the vanity mirror, it can mean you’re a bit naive and unaware of looming threats and consequences.

Neither option sounds all that cheery….

What do you see first?


If you instantly see a face in these flowers, it indicates your ability to see patterns. It also shows your ability to draw conclusions from your surroundings.

If you only saw the flowers and not the face, it indicates you’re in tune with nature.

Is there one Wolverine in this picture or are there two Batmen (Batman)?


If you saw Wolverine first, you are Marvel.

If you saw Batman (Batmen), you are DC.

Last but not least, which do you see first.

A duck or bunny?

This all depends on what you saw first.


If you saw the duck or the bunny first, this could indicate a preference for your right (duck) or left brain (bunny).

Via AuntyAcid