Photographer Captures Stunning Images Of Redheads Around The World In This Powerful Series

There is a new photo project that is making some serious waves. “Redhead Beauty” captures the stunning, raw power that emanates from these individuals, as well as a gentle softness that cannot be described. See for yourself!

Brian Dowling is an American photographer who now resides in Germany. He has photographed over 130 redheaded people from 20 different countries. The purpose? It’s  for his most recent project titled, “Redhead Beauty”.

Having red hair is pretty rare, considering that this colour is the rarest in the world. Red hair is caused from a gene mutation know as MC1R, and affects approximately 1% of the world’s population. It turns out, this gene mutation can also affect someone’s pain tolerance , their sensitivity to sunlight, and their hairs’ resistance to grey. If you have red hair, you don’t need to worry about turning grey with age- your hair will instead turn blonde or pure white.

This portrait project of Brian’s has taken 3 years to complete, and he says it’s purpose is “to show the real beauty of red hair.” He wanted to help break down stereotypes that others frequently seem to have of redheads. And his photographs aim to do just that. His artistic book “Redhead Beauty” is available for order on Kickstarter.

Maria From Moscow, Russia

Do you have a favourite style of photography in this collection? Check out more on Brian’s Instagram!

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