You’ll Never Guess What This Tiny House Looks Like on the Inside…

This is an extraordinary architectural project, designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier, located in Japan. It might not look like much, but just wait till you see inside- I had no idea tiny houses could look so spacious! Kinda makes me want to design my own right away.

Tiny homes can be transportable, or permanent, so you can either move them around from location to location, or choose to do what this owner did, and stay near a river. This miniature 594-square-foot house is built on a tiny triangular site with a nice view of a river nearby.


When I fist saw the outside of this house, I thought something I’m sure you did too: “Wow that is tiny.” It turns out, this house is is super functional and spacious on the inside.  Who knew designers and architects are actually magicians in disguise?



The tiny triangular lot the house is built on doesn’t look like it offers much space for living.



You wouldn’t think that you could fit much in that narrow of a building…



There are plenty of windows, and a skylight, that add natural lighting to create the illusion of more space.



The living and bedroom quarters are downstairs. Windows on both sides create what the architects call ’’a sensation of floating.’’

You could even fit a king sized bed in there!

The kitchen area and dining space are located upstairs, via a winding staircase. The ceilings are high, which creates a sight-line that extends all along the roof.

The interior of the house is designed in a way that is tastefully minimalist. All the walls are coated with white paint to, once again, create a visual sense of space.

And the upstairs are isn’t wasted space. It can be converted into a work area, or a play area- whatever suits your needs!

What do you think? Looks pretty nice on the inside, doesn’t it? 

And with some potted plants and vertical hanging gardens, you could turn this into something really special.

Check out more of Mizuishi Architect Atelier‘s designs on their website (which you will need to use Google Translate to help with).

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