It Only Cost This Couple $500 To Build A Gorgeous Cabin From Recycled Windows

This artistic couple designed and built a breathtakingly beautiful cabin for only $500, using a little creativity, and a lot of windows.

I know you’ve felt the desire to simply pack up everything, and leave your life behind. Getting away from it all and starting over somewhere new. Maybe a remote little hideaway in the woods, or perhaps the mountains. Well, a few years ago, that was just what photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz decided to do.

The artistic duo made a drastic decision to quit their jobs and move into a tent. Located in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, they survived by eating only  rice and beans as they designed and built their captivating and cozy cabin (enough alliteration?). They did this for a total cost of 500 dollars, by using recycled windows, re-purposed wood, and other basic materials.

The couple gathered most of their materials by salvaging them from an abandoned barn. After a few months of deliberate hard work, and immense resourcefulness, the construction of their simple, yet elegant, off-the-grid home was complete. The front of the home, in its entirety, is made from the salvaged windows, giving the cabin it’s light, airy feel.

The couple say they still visit the cabin a few times a year, even though they have returned to the land of working people, and are currently living in Milwaukee. The need to escape modern life is still with them, and that’s when they return to the windowed-home. The cabin is without some modern conveniences, like electricity and plumbing, but it’s a great place to experience the “oneness” of nature and just get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

For their full story, check out the video below!