Mindblowing Photos Of Elegant Dancers In Motion Will Leave You Speechless

By Raven Fon

These photos are so perfect, and they detail such immense beauty, it would be impossible NOT to be left speechless by them. Seriously.

Ukrainian photographer, Vadim Stein, captures elegant pictures of dancers in motion- but in reality, it is so much more than that.

Stein is based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and was originally educated in sculpture and restoration. Clearly, his photography is inspired, at least partially, by this. His subjects often resemble graceful statues, or a breathtaking combination of fluidity and poise, in various entrancing positions.

“Solving the aesthetic problem, I also reveal many ethical questions,” writes Stein. “For me, such things as love and death are revealed through the aesthetic category, beauty is the predecessor of ethics.” Stein currently has  25k+ likes on Facebook, and he can also be found on Behance .















All images by Vadim Stein

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