This Portable Pyramid Fireplace Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of!

By Raven Fon

If you love getting lost in a mesmerizing dance of flames, and are captivated by the magic of pyramids, then this is for you!

BioKamino  is the company’s name who was inspired by the Louvre, and designed this breathtaking alternative to the traditional hearth.

This modern area fireplace features a minimalist design, that echoes the simplicity and beauty of the Louvre’s iconic pyramid. The frame is available in two options of either black or white, and connects four panes of clear glass to form the structure of the pyramid. And there’s a perfect view of the fire from any angle, thanks to its unique 360-degree perspective.

Like all of the fireplaces from bioKamino, the Louvre relies on bioethanol—“an energy source of plant origin that belongs to the renewable energy family.” What this means is that the fireplace will display a real flame that gives off heat, without producing any unpleasant scents or soot!

Since this model is a floor fireplace, there is no installation or building materials required. It’s also completely portable-you can take it anywhere. This is certainly one of the coolest inventions I have seen in a while, AND it uses sustainable options that are eco-friendly- what’s not to love?

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