Bluetooth Speaker Ingeniously Disguised as Cotton Cloud That Floats Inside Your Home

What if you could have your very own weather system that could also double as a Bluetooth speaker? Say no more!

The idea of having a floating cloud inside of your home seems like something from a dream. This fantasy is now a reality, however, made possible through a recent collaboration between design firm Richard Clarkson Studio and levitation specialists Crealev. Together, they’ve produced a small puffy cloud speaker that not only plays music, but lights up and hovers in mid-air.

The unconventional device is made of white, hand-fluffed polyester fibers and is reminiscent of a picturesque cloud you’d see on a warm and sunny day. Embedded within the densely-packed material is a Bluetooth speaker and sound-reactive LED lights (to simulate lightning), as well as a magnet. Another magnet (of opposite polarity) is placed within the gadget’s reflective oval base and allows the cloud to have this rotating, softly-bobbing movement—it’s like you’ve brought the outdoors inside and put it on your coffee table.

As of now, this design is currently a prototype with the hopes that it will be commercially available soon.

Richard Clarkson Studio: Website
Crealev: Website

via [Dezeen, Contemporist, MyModernMet]