The zodiac has been drawn by artists throughout the centuries, but nothing has been seen quite like these nightmarish illustrations.

We’ve seen Virgo the virgin as a serene-looking feminine goddess, and Pisces the fish as a graceful, aquatic being, but what about the darker side? Artists have illustrated their beautiful visions of these signs in the most breathtaking ways- but nothing quite like what artist Damon Hellandbrand has done.

These terrifying drawings depicted the 12 astrological signs as hideous, nightmare-inducing monsters, and yet they are beautiful in their own unique way.

I’m pretty sure I see some similarities to Silent Hill in a couple of these. What do you think?

  1. Capricorn

  2. Aquarius

  3. Pisces

  4. Aries

  5. Taurus

  6. Gemini

  7. Cancer

  8. Leo

  9. Virgo

  10. Libra

  11. Scorpio

  12. Saggittarius

    You can check out all of Damon’s work on his website here.