This Table Has Wifi And Lets You Gaze Into The Depths Of The Ocean OR The Starry Sky!

By Raven Fon

What if you could get lost in the vast expanse of the night sky, or the majestic waters of the Caribbean, simply by looking at a table?

Well, thanks to “Starry Sea” by LA TABLE, you can!

Much more than a mere table, Starry Sea is an interactive piece of art. That’s right, interactive. The table comes with a WiFi-connected system of LED lights that offers 300 hours of illumination on just a 6-hour charge. It comes with a remote that allows you to directly alter the colours and rhythm of the twinkling stars. And if you don’t want to use the remote, you have the option of downloading the LED Magic Color app for either your iOS and Android device.

Alexander Chapelin is the designer and creator of Starry Sea, and it took him over one and a half years to do enough research on the materials and resin to make something so breathtaking. Chapelin and his partner at LA TABLE, Lapierre Patrick, both hail from artistic and architectural families. They believe that to be a contributing factor to their imaginative designs.

The resin used for this table is rare and specifically made for LA TABLE. On top of that, these creations feature a unique piece of marble from Anguilla, which also happens to be the birthplace of Chapelin’s and Patrick’s business.

There doesn’t seem to be much information regarding the price of these hypnotic masterpieces, but their Facebook page does respond to price inquiries.

Be sure to check out the video below that features a demonstration of Starry Sea, and browse LA TABLE’s Instagram for more information.

“STARRY SEA 5” by LA TABLE : Design – Alexandre Chapelin. from Alexandre Chapelin on Vimeo.