This Psychedelic Cathedral Of Lights Blew My Mind

By Raven Fon

Ancient architectural designs, psychedelic lights, brilliant colours- what’s not to love about this?

Luminarie de Cagna is the Italian design company who created the enormous ‘cathedral’ which was unveiled at the 2nd annual Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium. The masterful spectacle of light received its inspiration from the architectural designs of the Renaissance and Romanesque eras. That probably contributed to the massive height of the creation, which reached a mighty 28 meters.

Looking at this remarkable design, one starts to wonder how many lights were used. Well, it consists of 55,000 LED lights, and only used 20Kwh of energy, for each night during the festival.

Luminarie de Cagna definitely grabbed everyone’s attention at the show.

Below, you will see a collection of photographs from the festival. There’s also an added video so you can experience what it was like to walk under the hypnotic, moving light display.

If you enjoyed this, I highly recommend you check out more of Luminarie de Cagna’s work on their website,

H/T: inhabitat | Timewheel





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