25 Things Every Elephant Lover Needs In Their Life

These adorable and practical elephant-themed items are wonderful gift ideas for anyone who loves elephants.  And honestly, who doesn’t love them?

They are the largest land animals in the world and their matriarchal societies are fascinating, to say the least. Elephants have always been close to my heart, and I know you will love these ellie items as much as I do.

September 22nd is right around the corner, and that is National Elephant Appreciation Day in the United States. Go ahead and spend a few minutes learning about some of the world’s leading elephant conservation organizations. Consider supporting them or spreading the word about their efforts to protect these majestic creatures!

h/t Bored Panda 

#1 Baby Elephant Bookmark

Baby Elephant Bookmark

#2 Elephant Ring

Elephant Ringluulla.com

#3 Jumbo Cutlery Drainer

Jumbo Cutlery Drainer
Peleg Design

#4 Elephant In The Room Accessory

Elephant In The Room Accessory
Gal Bulka & Idan Noyberg

#5 Elephant Paper Lantern String Light

Elephant Paper Lantern String Lightetsy.com

#6 Elephant Planter

Elephant Planteretsy.com

#7 Elephant Wine Holder

Elephant Wine Holderetsy.com

#8 Elephant Bookends

Elephant Bookendsetsy.com

#9 Shower Curtain

Shower Curtainetsy.com

#10 Elephant Mug

Elephant Mugworldmarket.com

#11 Elephant Tea Strainer

Elephant Tea Straineretsy.com

#12 Elephant Bumbo Cover By Howie’s Hobbies On Etsy!!

Elephant Bumbo Cover By Howie's Hobbies On Etsy!!

 #13 Elephant Measuring Cups

#14 Elephant Lamp

Elephant Lampurnbanoutfitters.com

#15 Elephant Cookie Cutter

Elephant Cookie Cutteretsy.com

#16 Original Stuffed Ella

Original Stuffed Ella

 #17 Elephant Bookshelf

Elephant Bookshelf

#18 Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin

#19 Trunks Full Of Taste Shaker Set

Trunks Full Of Taste Shaker Setmodcloth.com

#21 Elephant Cup

Elephant Cupen.dawanda.com 

#22 Elephant Letter Organizer And Key Holder

Elephant Letter Organizer And Key Holderkikkerland.com 

#23 Elephant Laundry Hamper

Elephant Laundry Hamper


#24 Elephant Watch

Elephant Watch

#25 Book Holder

Book Holderen.dawanda.com

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