Artist Creates Tables Of Illusion With Gorgeous Animals Emerging From Water

By Raven Fon

If you’re like me, you love finding new and quirky twists on old standards. I’m always looking out for anything that takes creativity to the next level- like these tables by Derek Pearce.

What’s so special about these Water Tables, is how they are sculpted, and the graceful illusion they so easily captivate. Hippo just barely peeking above the surface, dolphins playfully jumping, ducks curiously searching in the pond, along with frogs, seals, and sea otters accompanied by realistic-looking rocks- these are the available options for purchase.

An excerpt from Westside Magazine, written by Elinor Malcom, reads: “It was his remarkable “WATER TABLES” that first caught my eye – an idiosyncratic range of coffee tables featuring immaculately sculpted ducks, swimmers, and hippos plunging in and out of glass depicting the water’s surface. They’re gravity defying in both senses of the phrase: substantial carved and cast figures seemingly floating through water – and impossible to look at without smiling.”

Each piece is made to order with available choices of sculpture in wood, resin, or bronze, and takes about 3 weeks to create. Price on the Water Tables ranges from $4,880 USD to $6550 USD, but there are other options as well.

Derek Pearce also does commission pieces!

I usually work in a very sculptural way, often without any drawing, this allows me to be more sensitive to the materials that I am working with. There may be a sketch or a model to show the client, although based on my previous work and reputation, clients are often happy to join in the risk to see how ideas turn out.”

To see more of his exceptional work, please visit his website.

Dolphin Water Table

Hippo Water Table

Frog On Rocks

Ducks In The Pond

Sea Otter Between The Rocks

Seal (With And Without Rocks)

Woman In Bath (Commission Piece)

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