This Ring Lets You Feel Their Heartbeat In Real Time, Anywhere In The World


Technology has brought us closer together through email, text, and video chat, but none of that compares to being next to the other person. Especially if you happen to be miles away from one another.

As someone who has had more than one long-distance relationship, I know how difficult it can be to be apart from the one you love.  Feeling their heartbeat whenever you like would be comforting.

Well, thanks to these rings you can feel your partner’s heartbeat in real time regardless of where they are in the world.

They’re called HB rings and they were created by a company named, TheTouch. Two options are available for the minimalist designs: stainless steel and also a solid rose gold variety.

Both of the rings come equipped with a Unibody sapphire crystal surface, which means they can’t be scratched.

The best part is how easy they are to use. Thanks to a simple Bluetooth connection, all you have to do is tap the ring whenever you have data or Wi-Fi and you’ll be able to connect to your partner’s heartbeat in real time. They could be halfway across the world and it will feel as if they are right there with you.

These rings are sure to be a big hit.

If you’d like to see more information on these rings, then head on over to TheTouch’s website where you can pre-order them.

More info: TheTouch | Facebook | Bored Panda

“Sometimes the things that are felt the most are expressed between two souls over the distance and over time…where no words abide. And others may speak freely, live with one another freely, express themselves freely– just like everyone else, but then there is you… you have no words for proof of reassurance, no tokens of professed love, but you have something. Something worth keeping.” ― C. JoyBell C

The rings connect to your phone via Bluetooth and requires your phone to be online

Wearers can sync their rings to each other and the app simultaneously

They’re made from stainless steel with a protective sapphire crystal surface

All you have to do is tap the ring and you’ll be able to feel your loved one’s heartbeat in real time!

Watch the video below for more info: