Beautifully Hand-Painted Silk Scarves Give You Butterfly Wings

Dorota Drzewiecka wants to make your wish of visually becoming a butterfly come true, with her collection of ethereal, hand-painted scarves. The over-sized silk creations flutter and flow, and their beautiful spectrum of colors mimic the vibrant patterns found on the delicate creature’s wings. Some pieces feature mystical pink and blue hues, while others feature a rustic Earthy-tone. Regardless of the colour choice, her masterpieces include small tunnels to insert sticks, so you can control the movement of the scarves. Certainly,an addition sure to bring a magical touch to any wardrobe.

Drzewiecka wants her customers to add a personal touch to the scarves- you to have complete control over how your scarf looks. The colors and patterns are all able to be custom designed, with different gradients and ombres to choose from. If you’ve got a particular inspiration in mind—such as a specific species of butterfly—she’s happy to bring your imagination to reality.

Her Etsy page says this about her work:

“My lab was created with passion. Passion for sewing, fabric painting passion, passion for creating unique things.
I create individual models clothing and accessories with hand-painted fabrics by me, which guarantees their uniqueness and originality.”

Drzewiecka’s website can automatically be translated into English if you’re browser is Chrome, and offers more than just incredible scarves. You can also find dresses, skirts, and many other stunning creations.

Regarding her pieces, she says:

“To create clothing and accessories for the hand-painted fabrics, I use the highest quality German paint. so that fabrics retain their softness and durability. To preserve the color of the products should be washed by hand in gentle detergents.”

The scarves are now available for purchase through Pracowina DOR, Drzewiecka’s Etsy shop.

You can find more information on work by Dorota Drzewiecka by visiting these links: Website | Facebook | Etsy | Instagram

(h/t My Modern Met)

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