Guerrilla Knitting Gives Stockholm A Splash Of Colour

By Raven Fon

The latest trend in street art, ‘yarn bombing’, adds a splash of colour in a rather unique way.

Julia Riordan is a talented street artist who found her passion for knitting at the age of ten. Her first creations almost looked like beanies and scarves, and her family was kind enough to wear them, fully supporting her dreams. Since then, she has continued to explore the field of knitwear. She has enjoyed every moment of watching her passion become everything she hoped for as a child.

In 2012, Julia released her own line of knitwear, Julia Rio. The label specializes in creating unique and colourful beanies.

Using a hand-driven sewing machine, comprised of a bed of two-hundred needles, each piece is designed and knitted. Once the beanie is gently removed from the machine, the finishing touches are hand-sewn, and it is finally labeled.

During her studies at London College of Fashion in 2013, Julia completed her first yarnbomb on the streets of London. Always a big fan of street art, her adrenaline and creative fire yearned for more of this type of expression. Julia currently lives in Stockholm, where she continues to explore her passion of creating knitted artwork by covering public areas with colourful yarn.

The following pictures are from Julia Riordan’s Instagram, but be sure to check out her website as well, for some of those awesome beanies!

? SPLASH ? #yarnbomb #juliario #streetart

A photo posted by Julia Riordan (@juliarioknit) on


SPLASH #yarnbomb #streetart #juliario

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Anyone is welcome under Totoros umbrella-ela-ela!? #JuliaRio #yarnbomb #totoro #streetart

A photo posted by Julia Riordan (@juliarioknit) on

Loop after loop turned into this <3 4 years ago since the darkest day in Norway. ❤️ & ?& ☮

A photo posted by Julia Riordan (@juliarioknit) on

In a c t i o n ? @carolinamzza

A photo posted by Julia Riordan (@juliarioknit) on

Yes mermaids are REAL @madebylondon from NYC to Stockholm ? #Juliario #crochet #yarnbomb

A photo posted by Julia Riordan (@juliarioknit) on

(h/t ThisIsColossal)

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