Snapping Matchsticks Into Place Let’s You Create Furniture You Can Customize!

As easy as a children’s puzzle, this new furniture concept from SPYNDI lets you create seating you can customize- anytime, anywhere.


Mindaugas Žilionis is the creative mind behind this revolutionary concept of furniture. The Lithuanian designer came up with the idea of SPYNDI in 2007, and 9 years later, with the help of engineers and biomechanics, he produced the perfect SPYNDI.

There are currently 9 days left in SPYNDI’s kickstarter campaign, which has already exceeded its goal of 35,000 Euros by 21,000. The design has received an enormous amount of attention due to its simplicity and sturdiness. Much like the arch did in ancient times.

The SPYNDI consists of 60 handmade wooden pieces, which can be attached to one another in varying ways. The concept was inspired by the shape of the human spine, and as such, it can be reassembled according to any body shape. It is literally a perfect chair for anyone, and everyone.

“If you would looked at the sketches and first prototypes, you would think that we created a super complicated biomechanical device rather than a chair. It was a long process but the result is perfect,” says Mandaygas Zilionis.

Perfectly carved pieces of birchwood are smooth to the touch, and ideal for indoor or outdoor relaxation. The kickstarter page shows detailed explanations on how to create either curved or straight lines with the SPYNDI pieces, as well as a few of the company’s favourite designs. There are also some pretty interesting rewards for pledging to back the product, and each one is multi-purposed thanks to their revolutionary shape.

Before you place your order for the new SPYNDI, check out the different options available. The Royal, Original, and Outside models vary based on coatings. This shape is such an innovative design. I wonder what other dynamic inventions this could lead to. Construction, motorways, bridges- the possibilities are endless.

All images courtesy of SPYNDI via their website and kickstarter

Written by Raven Fon

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