15 Expressive Cartoons From Valeriya Fortuna Only Women Will Understand

Being a woman is a wonderful thing. We live our lives in our own unique way and experience things that most men simply will never understand.

Obviously, not all women are the same. We vary in many different ways. Some of us like to cook and take care of the house, while others prefer to follow a career path and work outside of the home. Some of us are gamers, or hippies, or nerds, or old-fashioned, or posh- yet we share similar experiences, thanks to our womanhood.

The following series of cartoons by Valeriya Fortuna, via I Love Funny Things, is a tiny glimpse into the life of a woman. And if you are lucky enough to be of the female persuasion, then I know you will understand them.

All images courtesy of VALERIYA FORTUNA

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