Woman Knits Costumes Of Awesome Characters From The 80s For Her Kids

A fan of the 1980’s? Enjoy some good knit-work? Then do we have just the story for you!

Stephanie Pokorny is the designer behind Crochetverse, and boy does she have some cool ideas.

Some of us really enjoy Halloween, and it seems like Stephanie is one of those people. She says every year she lets her kids choose a costume, and she then crochets it for them. How lucky they are!

There are no patterns involved when she makes her designs. All are done freehand. Most remain one of a kind. Ones that are selected become a pattern so others may create their own.

Each one is fully crocheted by hand.

Stephanie works to put the details on the forehead and and top of head so from above the details are viewed but their view remains unobstructed. Safety first!

“Each year, I freehand crochet full-body Halloween costumes with no actual crochet patterns for my children,” she wrote on Bored Panda. “Sometimes these unique costumes are from classic ’80s movies, other times from whatever movie or toy is popular at the time.”

The ones we are going to show you today are our favourites from the 80s.

“Each of the costumes for the kids takes between 25-40 hours, and I tend to work on them over the course of about two weeks. I have been crocheting since I was 16. I was taught by my Grandma, and these creative costumes are my passion.”

Xenomorph Full Body Costume – Glows In The Dark

Nothing says ‘Halloween’ quite like an alien monster with a child lurking inside.

Skeletor Costume With LED Eyes

Will Castle Grayskull and the city of Eternia be safe from this scary guy?

Predator Costume (Because You Can’t Just Have An Alien)

Yautja Prime would be proud.

Glow In The Dark Slimer Costume

Who ya gonna call? Well, hopefully Stephanie to sort you out one of these amazing costumes.

E.T. Crochet Costume

This extra-terrestrial isn’t the only thing that’s extra around here. This costume is extra awesome.

Original Pennywise Crochet Costume

I honestly can’t think of anything better than a fully knitted Pennywise costume from the 80s.

Papa Smurf Crochet Costume

If you loved these designs as much as I did, be sure to check out Stephanie’s website for more creative inspiration.