This Human Skull Beanbag Is The Ultimate Combination Of Comfy And Creepy

How many times have you wished for a giant skull to sit in, as comfy as a beanbag? Wish no more, for your dreams have come true!

There are only 46 days till Halloween (maybe less depending on when you are reading this) and that means you have plenty of time to make some seriously spooky decor choices. That means bats, spider webs, witchy concoctions, and yes, skulls.

Lucky for you, there is a seller on Etsy who makes giant beanbags shaped like skulls. And if we’re being honest, they look amazing.

There is something to be said about handcrafted work- the detail, the intense labour involved, all of it comes together to create something one-of-a-kind that will surely last. Like these handmade beanbags.

‘The Skull Chair has a movable jaw which can be opened and closed, it can be functioned as a comfy low chair or an awesome decoration for your home. The graphics on the beanbag is knitted with coloured yarns, instead of printed. Please take a closer look at the close-up picturer to view how the graphic is formed, this pixeled effect is a carefully designed feature of our signature technique,’ seller ChicsinDesign details the product.

‘The SKULL Chair comes flat packed and will require assembling before use. It can be taken apart and stored away in a few simple steps, and the covers can be taken off for washing. Instruction manual and fun assembling are included in the package,’ they add. The bean bag is about 85cm(H) x 75cm(w) X 98cm(D) in size and you can buy it here.

ChicInDesign have a website where they sell their incredible creations, and it wouldn’t hurt to take a browse through and see what they have to offer. I was impressed by the Grizzly Bear beanbags, and honestly…I may buy one.

There are lots of ways to get into the Halloween spirit, and you may have already seen our other featured creative ideas, like the Galaxy Pumpkins, and Ugly Halloween Sweaters, but nothing really comes close to the incredible detail and design of the Skull Beanbag.

Would you have one of these in your house? If so, would you keep it all year-round?