Chicken Leg Socks Are The Funniest Thing Ever And We Need A Pair

Fashion trends can be pretty weird, but some of them can be pretty awesome too however. These chicken leg socks are obviously the latter.

We have shown you a few rather interesting and fashionable trends in the past, like the Mermaid Fairy Stockings, and Crop Tops for Men, but we truly believe these Chicken Leg Socks might just take the cake. Or the corn, since that’s what chickens prefer.

Brought to you by TheFound, these socks are some of the coolest things you can find on Amazon.

With Halloween right around the corner, these might be the perfect addition to your ensemble. There’s really nothing scarier than a chicken at night, on Halloween, especially if you’re outside a KFC.

Now, if you have a larger calf, or shoe size, and are worried that these might not fit you- don’t stress. TheFound assures customers who have asked questions regarding size that these would fit a size 13in women’s and a size 12 in men’s as well.

If traditional yellow and black isn’t your chicken colour of choice, there is good news! You can choose from three different colour combinations: yellow/black, red/black, and yellow/white.

The socks are super lightweight and made with soft texture Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex fabrics. They have high quality breathability, and because the design is woven, not printed, it will stay vibrant after many washes.

You can order one of two sizes available, Long, or Short. The long are 50cm (or 19.7″) and the short are 40cm (or 15.7″).

You’ll fit right in with the rest of the cool crowd.

And if you weren’t aware, there are over 25 billion chickens worldwide,according to The Smithsonian Magazine. Which means there are more chickens than any other type of bird in the world- three and a half chickens per person on earth!

Most of us typically believe that chickens can’t fly, but that’s not entirely true. They can fly high just enough to get over a fence or to fly up a tree if there is a predator chasing them. Getting down is usually not a graceful feat.

Just like humans, chickens are known to be omnivores. Yes, they’ll eat seeds and grains, but they’ll also eat insects, lizards, and rodents. In fact, the diet of a chicken is very similar to the fearsome carnivorous ‘werewolf’ grasshopper mouse that howls at the moon and hunts scorpions.

Chances are, your friends, even your best friends, might be jealous of your new fashionable socks. That’s okay, chickens are very forgivable.