18 Perfectly Timed Nature Photos To Make You Laugh

What’s the best thing about animals? They are constantly surprising us with their behaviour.

For example, there’s a lot that goes on in the animal kingdom of which we are unaware. We would only get a few glimpses into what really transpires if we were to watch them constantly – OR if we were to get extremely lucky, as these photos prove.

Take a look at these perfectly timed nature photos and see for yourself why animals are just silly comedians wrapped in fur:

If anyone ever tells you that cats aren’t judgmental, conspiring, overwatchers, they are lying.

Have you ever eaten your food so quickly because it was delicious, then suddenly realize you’re a gluttonous piggy?

There is nothing better than a soccer playing bird, unless it’s a soccer playing bird in the snow.

When you and your bestie get together for a few glasses of wine, and decide it’s “selfie time!” We’ve all been there, don’t lie.

Life never goes as planned. Even the things that should be easy, like dinner, find a way to become difficult. And then life usually slaps you in the face as a grand finale.

“Umm, the star of the show is me. I’ll fix it for you.”

When it’s so cold outside you can see your breath and you tell your friends, “Hey, I can see my breath,” like they haven’t also been breathing.

Mondays…am I right?

I feel like this kangaroo can teach my about my chakras.

Whatever the joke was, I bet it was hilarious.

When you want to be fabulous, and pole vault, at the same time.

“Stop. In the name of love. Before you break my heart.” Obviously a fan of the classics.

When you’re struggling with everything but you’re trying to pull it off like you’re totally okay, and even your friends are acting like everything’s fine.

“MLEM.” Seriously though, that tongue looks like it can do some damage.

“She said WHAT?”

When you call someone by the name you have secretly given them in your head, but aloud.

If this frog can tell me anything, it’s the secret to find and being calm. Teach me oh wise one!

Have you ever had a random cough that made you feel like you were being attacked from the inside? You know, one of those things where you’re doing nothing out of the ordinary, breathing normally, and then BOOM one droplet of saliva goes down the wrong tube and your life flashes before your eyes.

I am imagining that’s what happened here.

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