Long, Fake Toenails Are Becoming A Trend And We Don’t Understand

Why is this happening?

I remember being about 12 or 13 years old, and there was this one girl in school, Crystal, who had reeaally long toenails. I mean, she painted them and kept them looking tidy, but…something always threw me off about them. I always wondered if she could wear sneakers normally, but never asked because it seemed rude.


Now, nearly 20 years later, this has become a trend. Maybe Crystal was ahead of her time and I’m just a tasteless peasant.


Long, acrylic nails have long been a go-to for nail fanatics, but now, people are trying the look out on their toes. Yes, long, fake toenails are trending, and we can’t really figure out why.


Nail lovers are going toe-to-toe on social media, posting photos of their best long pedicures. There’s a few bad examples out there so we’ll only show you the ones that look…okay?


The sunset background and sparkly crystals make this set look decent.



I suppose if they aren’t too long they actually look okay?



Adding some colour might not be such a bad idea.


There’s always one person who has to take new trends way too far…

We have so many questions.

When you go to the beach, does sand get stuck under your nails forever, never to be seen again but always to cause discomfort? If someone steps on your toes, it usually hurts, but with these would there be some new kind of level of pain that no one has ever felt before?

To get to the bottom of these pressing questions, we turned to Carey Scott, a nail artist in Columbus, Ohio, who recently shared her long toenail art on Instagram.

“Maintaining acrylic on toenails does not require as much attention as it does when you have acrylic on your fingernails. The toenail grows at a much slower rate then fingernails, so balances aren’t needed as often,” Scott told TODAY Style.

Longer toenails might be trending this summer, but Scott says she’s always preferred hers a tad longer than most: “I enjoy having more space to be able to put more fun art on my toenails.”

Whether you love or loathe long toenails, you have to admit: They’re certainly a conversation starter!

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