This Planter Turns Your Houseplants Into Tamagotchi-like Pets

Remember the 90’s? I still wear the fashion mistakes from that decade- the plaid dresses with combat boots and choker necklace- but do you remember Tamagotchis?

They were those (sometimes annoying) little 8-bit robot pets you had to feed, or give attention to, or whetever. Most of us let our little robo-pets die within the first couple of weeks anyways.

As we get older, we get different, less noisy, pets- like houseplants. The thing is, sometimes we need to be annoyed so we don’t (also) kill them.

‘Lua’ smart planter will turn any plant of yours into a life-like pet

‘Mu Design’ came up with a brilliant idea to help people all over the world keep their plants alive and happy by turning them into Tamagotchi-like pets by giving them a way to communicate via this smart planter.

Using an app to show you how exactly does your plant feel

The only thing you have to do is to connect your phone to the planter by downloading an app and scanning a QR code with your planter. You also need to select what kind of plant is it, so you know what exactly does your little friend need at the moment.

Displaying emotions on a LED screen

The screen on the planter is able to show you 15 different emotions expressing plants’ basic needs such as more sunshine or water. It also does a cute squinting face to let you know if the last tropical rain of your creation was a bit too much or if it’s too cold.

A motion sensor allows it to follow movement

It’s so much more fun to take care of your little green pet when it can follow your movements. But be aware not to screw up if you don’t want a grumpy glare!

And interact with the environment as well

The planter displays an array of emotions including a vampire face with its fangs stuck out to let you know it could do with a little bit of sunshine. It will glare off your pet if it tries to sneak up on it as well. Isn’t it just life-like, huh?

It’s not for sale yet, though

The company hopes to ship their products by December 2019 but for now, they have a Indiegogo campaign set up with 30,000€ as their fixed goal, having raised 57% of it thus far. Let’s bid them good luck so we can all turn our green babies into these cute little pets!

Check out Mu Designs for more info.