‘Coincidence Project’ Captures Synchronicity In These Stunning Photographs

By Raven Fon

London-based British photographer, Denis Cherim, has started something quite magical: a concept of synchronicity captured through photographs. Cherim titles this endearing venture “Coincidence Project.”

Aptly named, Coincidence Project illuminates those moments in our lives that we might overlook. The moments when something completely mundane lines up in a seemingly perfect way with something else, to create a divinely flawless scene. These images merely required a bit of luck, and extensive patience to capture.

Have a look for yourself at these incredible pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Be sure to check out Denis Cherim’s Flickr and website for more of his illustrious photographs.

June 9, 2014 / Toledo, Spain

June 1, 2014 / Toledo, Spain

May 30, 2014 / Toledo, Spain

May 16, 2014 / Toledo, Spain

April 25, 2014 / Toledo, Spain

April 13, 2014 / Toledo, Spain

March 14, 2014 / Madrid, Spain

All images via DenisCherim.info

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