She Spends Her Days Searching For Sea Treasures On The Beach. Here’s The Most Interesting Things She’s Found

The beach is a magical place, and the things we can find might just take you by surprise.

Ah, the joys of the beach. Sunshine, fresh air, teal ocean waves, and soft sand between our toes. Not only is the beach a beautiful place to spend time, it is also proven to be good for your health.


When you go to the beach, chances are that you pick up a shell or two. Maybe even some sea glass, if you’re lucky.


Well, Maristella is one woman who turns a beach trip into a life experience. Not only does she spend her days searching the beaches for unique little treasures, she also turns her findings into creative designs for jewelry.


She tells Bored Panda:


“I spend most of my days beachcombing and searching for sea treasures for making sea-themed jewelry. I am not only searching for seashells and corals, but also for rare sea glass and sea pottery.


One of my proudest finds is a 200-year-old undamaged Maraschino bottle, from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After finding it, I returned it back home to the Cosmacendi Palace, where in the past lived the maker of the bottle and is now the Museum of Ancient Glass! It was not only an incredible find but also a bottle without any proof that it even existed.


I love using a piece of history in my jewelry and other creations that makes it more special and one of a kind. If you are interested in my jewelry, you can find it here!”


Let’s take a look at some of Maristella’s most amazing discoveries on the beach:


Teeny tiny sea shells


200-Year-Old Cosmacendi Maraschino Bottle

Antique Perfume Bottle

Various old bottles in different colours

Victorian Art Glass Vase From The Second Half Of The 19th Century

German Company Oberselters Mineral Water Bottle From 1860s

Sea shells and sea glass

Cobalt Blue Bottle With A Moon And A Star

Sea pottery shards

Luigi Dejak Beer Bottle From The 19th Century

Old pharmacy bottles

The Bottle With Healing Water Made From The Melissa Herb

This beautiful bottle, with the words “Melissa Dei C Scalzi” on one side and “Venezia” on the other, is the famous “l’Acqua di Melissa”. I have contacted the so-called barefoot Carmelite Fathers of the Venetian Province and they have told me that this bottle was made in the early 1800s

If you needed more reason to go to the beach, besides just for finding truly beautiful pieces of glass, shells, or pottery, we have some information for you:

Going to the beach can help reduce feelings of depression

Much like the effects that the beach has on feelings of stress and creative ruts, the beach also provides some relief to feelings of depression. The hypnotic sound of the waves in combination with the sight and smells of the beach can put you into a meditative space. In turn, you can clear your mind and reflect on life in a safe space away from the chaos of your daily life.

Overall, spending time at the beach will change your perspective on life

And that perspective is going to change for the better! Nature in general has always been a factor in healthy happy lives, but the beach in particular is so good for the soul.

So grab the SPF and pack a picnic, because it’s time to head to the beach!

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