21 Gorgeous Non-Diamond Engagement Rings You’ll Definitely Want To Flaunt

Personally, I have never been a fan of diamonds. I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. There’s no colour, no defining factor (other than it’s supposed to be clear), and no remarkable characteristic…to top it off, they are over-priced. So why the big deal about diamond engagement rings?

The diamond engagement ring wasn’t traditionally a diamond; it was just a ring. Who knew?

Applying the belief from ancient Egyptians that circles were a symbol of eternity, the ancient Romans began giving betrothal rings instead of a dowry. Each bride would have something of significant value to represent the commitment of her betrothed.

Taking things to a new level, the tradition of a diamond engagement ring can be successfully traced back to 1477. An Austrian royal commissioned the creation of a diamond engagement ring for his betrothed and a trend was born.

While some people still hold to that aristocratic trend, there are others who want a more creative alternative. That’s where the fun starts, and we have some absolutely stunning non-diamond rings to share with you today.

1. Sapphire

Sapphires may be the most celebrated of all colored gemstones. The most recognizable color is blue, yet this precious gemstone comes in every color except red — the red sister of Sapphire is a Ruby.We love this stone for an engagement ring. We recommend that you consider yellow or pink sapphires. They will leave your eyes in awe!

2. Ruby

Only a Ruby can rival the romance of red roses. This gorgeous precious gemstone has been mined in exotic locations and gifted to royalty for their most coveted collections. The July birthstone is the fraternal twin of Sapphire, making them the only two members of the Corundum family.

3. Topaz

Topaz has appeal to a range of people because of its diversity of colors. The most beautiful Swiss Blue or Imperial Red can be found in the semi-precious gemstone, Topaz.

4. Aquamarine

The lovely green/blue of Aquamarine describes only the loveliest of exotic seas. Aquamarine is a member of the Emerald family called Beryl. Known as the birthstone for March babes, this gemstone has caught some attention for its ability to be worn by anyone.

5. Emerald

The gorgeous green of this precious gemstone had a lifetime love with Elizabeth Taylor and continues to stun on the red carpet at every awards show. A family member of Aquamarine and the birthstone for May, this is the most vivid of the family called Beryl.

6. Morganite

Literally resembling the blush of a bride, this pale pink beauty will make you fall in love all over again. The sister of Emerald and Aquamarine, this Beryl family stone is the shy member that you’ll want to know. From pink to orange, the color variations for Morganite are the perfect range for cool or warm skin tones.

7. Tourmaline

The spectrum of colors in the family of Tourmaline gives you unlimited options. From a single color to stones with 3-colors, Tourmaline will be your new best friend. We chose pink because it’s just so pretty!

8. Amethyst

This semi-precious gemstone is the royal member of the quartz family. A gorgeous purple (and much less costly) alternative to diamond will catch every eye with intense color. Also, Amethyst is known for being the birthstone of lucky February babies, but can be worn by absolutely anyone.

9. Rose Quartz

The softest and most gentle appearing stone of the quartz family is named Rose. The gentle color of this stone often appears a bit milky and gives a feeling of calm. The high abundance of this stone makes them readily available and low in price too.

10. Garnet

The deep red of this stone brings wine and cranberries to mind. This January birthstone brings sentiments of mystery and romance to onlookers. Garnets are often a rich pink-red colour similar to that of rubies. However, you can also find these gems in different hues. They are softer and less expensive than rubies, and also work well when paired with other stones.

11. Tsavorite

We admit, tsavorite wasn’t in our vocabulary before doing this post, and we bet you didn’t know about it either! There is something about this sparkling emerald-esque green stone that really draws us in. The bright green color of a Tsavorite is mesmerizing. The color of this Garnet family stone often tricks onlookers into thinking it is an Emerald.

12. Onyx

This dark and mysterious stone that can be polished to a mirror like shine peaks our interest for Onyx. With a jet-black appearance, an Onyx rivals the mystique of a black diamond. Normally worn as a bead or with a domed top, Onyx will appeal to someone who wants a larger stone without the larger price tag.

13. Peridot

The deep green of a Peridot has enticed more than just those born in August who claim it as their birthstone. Some of the most beautiful Peridots can range in color from olive to lime green.

14. Tanzanite

This stunning purple/blue stone is fairly new to the market. Found only in the country of Tanzania, the 1980’s brought this stone into the mainstream after it was discovered in the 1960’s that the naturally brown stone could be heat treated to turn it into its now signature color.

15. Labradorite

An ethereal and mystical looking stone that draws you in with its myriad of kaleidoscope colors. Only a couple stones can bring the beauty of the Northern Lights into a stone, and Labradorite is one of them. The blue sheen that glides from side to side depending on the angle is the most enchanting aspect of this stone.

16. Sunstone

The glistening specks within a sunstone can only remind us of its namesake. The perfect combination of deep orange and gold makes this stone gorgeous in any cut. You likely won’t find that many options for Sunstone engagement rings, we didn’t either. This relatively unknown gemstone has a warm feminine color we just love.

17. Opal

Throughout most of history, opal has been regarded as the luckiest and most magical of all gems. The varieties of this stone are amazing! White, blue, and orange are three of the available colors for this stunning stone. Grown slowly in the water rich ground, this stone reflects flashes of light that rival the Northern lights with the movement of a jellyfish.

18. Apatite

No, you won’t get hungry (appetite anyone?) by choosing this stunning semi-precious gemstone! From a transparent faceted stone to a translucent bead, Apatite gives you choices.

19. Pearl

These gorgeous beauties have been found in the most beautiful underwater worlds and brought to live on earth. From white to black and round to square, Pearls have diversity that holds a lustrous appeal and acts as the birthstone for June babies.

The last two are raw gemstone rings, for something different:

20. Raw Opal

21. Raw Tourmaline

Which one was your favourite? I honestly can’t choose just one- they’re all so beautiful!