This Sign Language Interpreter Left Audiences Amazed With Her Passionate Translation

Metal concerts are notorious for creating a buzzing energy amongst the crowd. Songs are usually laced with head-banging chord progressions and an overall sense of aggression. It isn’t uncommon for crowds to push and shove while listening to the metal band.

In fact, many metal concerts are famous for an activity that has been termed ‘moshing’.

This happens in an area known as the ‘mosh pit’ where the crowd is full of energy and moving around with a lot of body contact. This usually happens just in front of the stage.

One of the last things that someone might associate with a metal concert is sign language. This method of communication uses only hand and facial signals and was developed for those who are hearing impaired. While a majority of television shows and speeches come with a sign language translator, most people wouldn’t expect the same at a metal concert.

However, the music isn’t the only aspect of metal concerts that is attractive to people. There are several hearing-impaired metal fans that go to these concerts to feel the overall energy and excitement.

Fortunately, there is usually a professional at the concert to also translate the lyrics of the song into sign language.

There were a total of three translators who were on-rotation that night during Lamb of God’s six-hour set. As no other videos of the other translators went viral, it is safe to assume that Lindsay gave the best performance that night.

Ibarra, the man who filmed the translation, was standing next to a group of deaf people during the concert. He was impressed with how much this part of the crowd was enjoying the music and the translation. Ibarra admitted to having seen translators at other concerts, but none as passionate as Lindsay. He said that the experience was quite emotional for him.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was passed in order to ensure that deaf concert-goers are always provided with an interpreter. In fact, all concert venues are required to have translators onsite for the hearing-impaired. These music venue translators don’t simply translate the lyrics of a song in to sign language. Instead, they try to capture the energy and movements of the artist and song into their interpretation. This is exactly what Lindsay provided in her passionate rendition of the song.