Two Siblings Sing Their Version Of Adele Song And Add A Reggae Twist

“Hello” is one of Adele’s most popular songs. In a recent video, a brother and sister duo completely remade the hit single. They performed a reggae-style cover that is driving the internet wild.

Rosie Delmah is only 14 years old. With her brother, Nicholas Murray, she frequently performs reggae music. They perform under the names of Rodesha and Conkarah in the Solomon Islands. Because of where they grew up, reggae is an integral part of their life and culture.

Recently, Conkarah decided to give Adele’s “Hello” a reggae twist. Obviously, he needed a female vocalist to help out. Rodesha was up for the challenge.

As you can hear in the video, this cover version of the song is amazing. The siblings obviously have a lot of musical talent. The song begins with Rosie singing the lyrics. Soon, Conkarah adds in some reggae beats that completely revolutionize the song.

With Conkarah’s reggae beats and Rodesha’s crisp singing, this is a cover for the record books.

The Story Behind the Amazing Duo

Conkarah was originally born in the city of Kingston, Jamaica. Later on, he attended college on a soccer scholarship at the University of Virginia. After graduating, he returned to Jamaica to focus on his music career. Already, his fledgling career has taken off. He soon became famous because of his performance at the Reggae Sumfest 2012.

Now, the siblings have become famous on YouTube as well. Since the cover song was posted online, it has received more than 70 million views.

In just the first month, the song was viewed more than 1 million times. The local newspaper, the Solomon Star, even wrote about Rodesha.

Over the years, the musical duo has covered a number of popular songs. They have made reggae versions of songs by artists like Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, the Backstreet Boys, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. Now, the duo has 425,000 subscribers who follow their YouTube page.

When you hear this amazing performance, you will instantly see why they have so many fans.

If you fell in love with this reggae song, make sure that all of your friends get to hear it as well.