What Your Warning Label Should Say, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Every person is a mixture of good things and bad because unfortunately we can’t be perfect creatures. These traits help to give us character and make us dynamic people. When it comes to our negative sides, it’d sometimes be nice if we could have warning labels–it’d really help us all get along with others. Luckily our zodiac signs can give us a hand with that so read on to find out what your warning label is.



“Don’t make me mad.”


You don’t want to piss an Aries off. They are known for being a bit hot-headed and quick to anger, so they can get pretty explosive if you piss them off. Luckily the tantrum doesn’t last long and they’ll quickly move on.




“Trust me, I’m right.”


Taureans are known for their stubbornness, but if you rub them the wrong way their stubborn power grows by ten-fold. They do not like to be questioned and they definitely are not fans of being corrected and aren’t afraid to make you feel their wrath.




“I have no filter.”


Geminis are information collectors, whether it’s completely accurate or not. They’re also incredibly blunt when chatting with people. They will often just blurt things–like criticism or gossip–out without thinking about the consequences.



“I feel everything.”

Cancers are mood swing royalty. They can go from being completely happy and relaxed to an angry, sobbing mess at the snap of your fingers. It’s best to remember they’re incredibly sensitive people.


“I’m very blunt.”

Leos tend to steamroll conversations on complete accident. They can be conversationally narcissistic at times. They can also be incredibly insensitive at times with their super straightforward communication style.


“You’re doing it wrong.”

Virgos like things to be a certain way at all times. They’re always striving for perfection and sometimes they can get very down on themselves when they can’t achieve it. This can make them bummers to hang out with at times.


“Please like me.”

Libras all about balance and fairness. One of their biggest fears is hurting someone’s feelings or inconveniencing anyone, which may explain why they’re so indecisive. Seriously. Don’t ever ask a Libra where to go for dinner because you’ll never get an answer.


“I get what I want.”

When Scorpios are into someone or something then can come across a bit intense or obsessive. They are also known for being a bit standoffish or aloof, but if you cross them, they will strike you where it hurts.


“Get out of my way.”

Sagittarians are some of the most unpredictable people you will ever meet. If they begin to feel trapped or that life has gotten too stressful, they’re gone. They love change and they don’t have time to deal with things.


“I have work to do.”

Capricorns are incredibly goal-oriented. They don’t like to lose focus on the task at hand and can often times forget how to take a joke. They tend to take things way too seriously.


“Don’t expect anything.”

Aquarians are not fans of showing emotion, so when presented with a lot of it, they tend to freak out and shut down completely. To get out of these types of situations they will often trap another person in a mind game.


“My middle name is ‘transition’.”

Pisces are very hot and cold people and it’s mostly out of protection. One minute they’re in love with you and happy, the next they’ve moved on completely. If they even begin to feel like someone is not appreciating them, they panic and flee.

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