What Does Your Favourite Colour Reveal About Your True Personality?

Your favorite color isn’t your favorite color by accident. It’s a subconscious choice made by the combination of your unique personality traits. Interested in finding out what your favorite color reveals about you? Keep reading!

1. Black

Black is the color of artists and of sophistication. Although black contains a distinct lack of color, people whose favorite color is black see the world in a multitude of colors, figuratively speaking. You have a creative mind that can sometimes take you to dark places, but you prefer to remain in a realistic mindset.

2. White

White is the traditional color of innocence. If white is your favorite color, you possess a pure heart that attempts to find the good in every situation. You also thrive on organization, routine, and cleanliness. You cannot abide messy places and must begin to clean them immediately.

3. Red

Red is a vibrant color that is usually associated with ambition and trailblazing. You exude confidence in all situations and are a strong extrovert. Flirtatious and passionate, you are able to attract friends and lovers effortlessly.

4. Blue

Blue is the universal color of serenity, calmness, and harmony. Those who prefer blue as their favorite color are often very emotionally balanced, calm in stressful situations, and can use their level-headed mindset to get themselves out of trouble.

5. Green

Green is the color of abundance and wealth. It’s often associated with money and food, so those who love the color green are also very focused on financial stability. They can be a bit too concerned with the opinions of others and tend to be people pleasers. They’re also very loyal and make amazing friends.

6. Yellow

Yellow is a color of happiness and positivity. It’s the color of the sun which shines brightly on all of creation to give life and light. People whose favorite color is yellow do the same thing for the people in their lives – give life and light.

7. Purple

Those who love the color purple tend to fall into the spectrum of mysticism. They are mysterious, study supernatural subjects, and love reading tarot cards. You can always find them reading a horoscope or daydreaming. They tend to live in a world all their own.

8. Brown

Brown is the color of the earth and those who love the color brown are as stable and reliable as the ground they walk on. Because they value stability, they will avoid dramatic people or dramatic situations completely. They are a no-nonsense type of person.

9. Orange

People who love the color orange are just as wild and unique as the color itself. They love to keep busy and are very productive people. They have no problem waking up with the rising of the sun to begin their busy day full of big plans. They also fear commitment.

10. Gray

Those who favor the color grey tend to be as neutral as this color. Grey people will try not to pick sides in a fight. They’ll also exude a very strong sense of “it is what it is.” They enjoy thunderstorms and cool breezes.

11. Pink

Pink people are playful, curious, and remain children at heart. They are great friends to have because they’re always ready to go on an adventure.

Does your personality match your favorite color? Was your favorite color on this list? Whatever you think, let us know!

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