Adorable And Inspiring Mother-Daughter Tattoos

Some moms will kick you out of the house or give you a stern scolding if you come home with a tattoo. Other, cooler moms will do the exact opposite and run to the tattoo parlor with you to get inked. The bond between mother and daughter is sacred and revered, and these mother-daughter teams decided to show that through their tattoos. Some of these tattoos are just beautiful while others are just darling. By the time you’re done with this list, you’ll either be calling your mom or booking your next tattoo appointment.

Giraffe hugs. Animals are one of the most adorable way to express your relationships. They’re cute and cuddly and speak directly to the animal instinct that exists between a mother and her baby. Like this momma giraffe holds her baby close, your mom will always be there to protect you.

Caring rhymes. These tattoos read, “Because of them I give my all,” “Because of her I will not fall.” A good mom will do anything for her children and, if she’s raised you right, you’ll want nothing but to do her proud.

PB&J What goes together better than peanut butter and jelly? The classic sandwich your mom used to make you for lunch is a great way to put your relationship into indelible ink. You are the sweetest combo in multiple ways.

Like mother, like daughter. Simple and to the point, these tattoos are beautifully done in script and given added flourishes the tails of the letters. While most mother and daughter pairs deny how much they resemble one another, these two embrace it.

Elephants. Elephants are known to display their affection and are often a symbol for maternal instinct and motherhood. This adorable little matching tattoo of a momma elephant dragging her baby in tow is beyond cute. Mom, lead the way!

Butterfly. Momma birds are known to push their babies out of the nest in an effort to teach them to fly. While this shared tattoo is of a butterfly, the same concept of giving your daughter necessary life skills is represented here. Thanks, ma!

Sun and moon. These sun and moon tattoos are gorgeous on their own, and if you didn’t know they were a mother-daughter tattoo, you would just think they were beautiful pieces in their own right. But seeing mother and daughter stand next to each other like this, proudly displaying their art and their bond, makes it so special.

Breast cancer support. This is by far the most special mother-daughter tattooed team we have on this list. Standing with your loved one through breast cancer is honorable enough, but shaving your head and getting tattooed together to mark your support speaks volumes. You go girls.

Watercolor hearts. A lot of mothers and daughters go for puzzle piece tattoos, to signify that they are two connecting pieces of a larger whole. This is a creative, colorful take on that idea that sends our hearts out of our chests.

Girl talk. This mother-daughter tattoo is hilarious and screams BFFs. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, your mom really is your best friend. She’s the one you tell everything to and the one you can always turn to, for gossip or for serious advice.

Pooh and Piglet. And cue the waterworks. Winnie The Pooh touches all of our soft spots, and nothing will make you want to reach for your mom more than this cute little pair of friends who are dedicated to each other now and always.

Winnie The Pooh. Here’s another adorable Pooh tattoo which harkens back to the more old school drawings of the popular cartoon. This one includes Tigger, too, and continues across both women’s arms. Insert collective “AW” here.

More elephants. We know, we already put up an elephant one, but they are just too sweet to only write about once. Besides, if we found multiple mother-daughter elephant tattoos in our search it definitely says something about this large, lovely creature.

Geometric. This stellar geometric design is not only very well done but the placement is utterly touching. A mother-daughter tattoo is meant to highlight the unbreakable bond between the two women. Each carries half of the tattoo with them, just like each carries part of the other with them at all times.

Forever love. No matter how old you are – five, 16, 54 – you’ll always be your mother’s baby. She’s probably told you that several times before, too. This tattoo takes an adorable spin on the basic infinity sign by adding each of the women’s birth years.

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