Mushrooms and Glowing Crystals Combine For A Mesmerizing Night Lamp

Shroom in the Room is a group of Lithuanian artists who craft natural-looking, one of a kind night lamps out of fallen timber, tree mushrooms and, most importantly, hand-picked crystals and minerals. By combining these unlikely materials, they have created truly magnificent crystal lamps whose natural, yet magical appearances will add a sense of enchantment to any environment they are introduced to.

“We collect fallen tree timber in wild Lithuanian forests and harvest tree mushrooms there,” the artists stated on Bored Panda. “With white LEDs, we light the crystals. These night lamps are widely known for their hypnotizing abilities and may cause sleepiness.”

To see more from Shroom in the Room or to purchase one of these elegant crystal creations for you or as a gift:
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H/T: bored panda

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