Which of these Taps Will the Water Flow Fastest?

Take a good look at this image. In your opinion, which of these distorted taps will have the fastest flowing water?

This will be a test of your thinking skills, and you will receive an analysis of your answer below.

If you chose tap #1 then we’re sad to say you’re wrong. You may not have gotten this answer correct, but that doesn’t mean you’re not smart. You have the ability to cross the average IQ that people in society have. You are a creative person that should not be dictated by what the people around you want. You might think you’ll embarrass yourself with the ideas you have, but you really will flourish if you go that route and you’ll improve yourself as a result regarding your intelligence and your creativity. Do your own thing as you will be successful in doing that.

If you picked tap #2, then you’ll, unfortunately, be disappointed as that is not the right answer. You have a knack of using the intelligence of other people to get things done. You understand the world around you like you know the back of your hand and you know what it would take to get things done and get them done RIGHT. You can take advantage of the capabilities of someone else get something you need. You can progress in life using this route while taking others up with you when they’ve helped you get what you need to be done.

If tap #3 was your answer, then we must say you are one of the most creative people around, but your answer still isn’t correct. You tend to think outside of the box, and that causes people to think you are strange; they can’t follow your ideas so they decide against them when they could flourish if they followed your ideas. Your job is to effectively communicate your unique ideas with these people so that they can understand you better and help you in reaching your goals. The more you communicate and receive feedback on your creative work the better it will become and the more intelligent you will become.

If you chose tap #4, then you are a certified genius. You got the right answer!  Although this is a two dimensional image, you figured out that there is a hidden tube behind the blocked pipes, allowing for the water to flow straight down. You should use your genius for a good cause, but instead, we fear you use it for things that are not as worthwhile as other things you can accomplish given your brilliance. You should use your intelligence for things you can help people the most as you might just be the most capable of people.

Via Tapoos