These 4 Questions Can Reveal Who You Really Are

These 4 Questions Can Reveal Who You Really Are! To carry it out, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and your imagination. It will work best if you answer the questions spontaneously, responding with the first thing that comes into your head.

So get comfortable in your seat, turn off your logical thinking for a while, and imagine that you’re swimming in the warm clear water of the ocean.

1 You dive under the water to admire the seabed and the creatures that live there, and you suddenly see a mermaid. What color is her tail?

2 The mermaid isn’t the only thing to fall under your gaze. A fish is swimming alongside her. What kind of fish is it? Is it dangerous and aggressive or calm and harmless?

3 You dive even deeper, and on the seabed you notice a shell. What does the shell look like? Is it flat and smooth or (for example) curved and cone shaped?

4 It’s time to return to dry land. You swim up to the shore and end up on a beach. How many people do you see there?

Memorize or write down your answers. Then scroll down to view your results! Are you ready?

1. The color of the mermaid’s tail indicates how sociable you are.

Cool calm colors such as green or blue indicate that you’re shy.

Bright colors such as pink or yellow suggest that you can find a common language even with strangers.

2. The fish is a symbol of how you resolve controversy

If you imagined an inoffensive calm fish, then the chances are you have no problem with standing up for what you believe in and expressing your opinion.

If you saw a predator acting aggressively, this suggests that you prefer to avoid conflicts and arguments.

3. The shell reflects your degree of openness toward those around you.

A simple seashell without any markings indicates that you find it easy to open up to people.

It’s probably the exact opposite if you imagined that you saw a shell with an unusual or intricate shape/appearance. In this case, you’re likely to be a closed individual who isn’t inclined to share the details of their personal life with those around them.

4. The people on the beach shows how many friends you have.

If the beach was full of people, then you’re probably a real hit at parties.

If there were a few people, then the chances are that you have less friends, but the ones you do have are very close to you.

If you imagined yourself alone on an empty beach, you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really trust other people and probably isn’t looking for friends.

Did your answers make sense? Share your results with us in the comments.

Via Psych2go