This Colorspace Atlas Has Every Color In The Visible Spectrum

34 Year old Tauba Auerbach is a visual artist from San Francisco, California, who created the RGB Colorspace Atlas.

The 8 x 8 x 8 inch cube contains every color imaginable within its airbrushed cloth cover, pages and page edges. The binding of the book was co-designed by Tauba and another artist, Daniel E. Kelm. The complete binding was done by Kelm in his private studio, The Wide Awake Garage, with Leah Hughes’ assistance.

Tauba Auerbach has worked in many facets of visual art, including painting, books, photography, and sculpture. Her area of focus lies somewhere between the folds of conceptual art, abstract, and graphic art.

She describes her works as an attempt to reveal “new spectral and dimensional richness…both within and beyond the limits of perception.”

This Colorspace Atlas is truly a beautiful piece of art!

Sources: Tauba Auerbach | Vimeo | Paula Cooper Gallery

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