Pick A Christmas Tree To Reveal Something Unique About Your Personality

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches! Pick the Christmas tree that catches your attention first and we’ll reveal something interesting about your personality!


If you chose 1



You are the daily sunshine in the lives of many people. Your smile brings a little bit of happiness to people who are feeling down. You may not even know it, but some of these people truly admire you! Service workers, fellow commuters, coworkers, supervisors, family members, and more appreciate the positivity you bring. Your absence for a day or two is noticed by many people, and they feel as if they’ve lost a little bit of sunshine each time you’re away.


If you chose 2



You know exactly when kindness is needed at the most important moments. You are somehow always able to sense when somebody needs help. Small acts of kindness seem to come naturally to you, and you never ask for thanks. You are selfless without even realizing it, and this does not go unnoticed by others! You immediately bring happiness and peace to those around you.


If you chose 3



You collect secrets. You never set out to have such an odd collection, but secrets seem to naturally drift your way because you are a true friend to others. People trust you with their thoughts and desires and you never once consider betraying their trust. You know about the hopes and dreams of your friends and family members. You also know the deepest sorrows of some of your friends. Collecting these secrets is rarely a burden to you, and allowing your friends to share their secrets is a great relief for them.

If you chose 4

You bring the gift of laughter wherever you go. You always have a quick joke or a sly observation to share with others. The laughter you inspire is never mean-spirited or crass. You are able to find the humor in almost any situation. The laughter you inspire helps others solve problems and enjoy life. People love to be near you in the hopes of hearing something both memorable and funny.

If you chose 5

You always give people the best gifts. You love searching through gift guides to find the perfect presents for your friends. But many times you can simply sense what somebody truly wants or needs. You keep your eyes open for the perfect gifts for others and you are delighted when you find the perfect gift for someone. People love unwrapping any present delivered by you, and you treasure the look in their eyes when they open it.

If you chose 6

You can remember the smallest details about your friends and family members. You remember their birthdays, favorite foods, the names of their pets, and much more. This talent of yours makes other people feel important, and your endless love is what drives this remarkable memory of yours.

If you chose 7

You are a wonderful peacemaker and mediator. When two friends have a dispute, they know they can turn to you to find the best resolution possible. You are able to effortlessly understand both points of view in a conflict. You are also able to help both parties understand these points of view. Many friendships have been saved by your peacemaking talents, and many holiday dinners have been calmed down thanks to your thoughtful words.

If you chose 8

You know how to send people the best messages. You sometimes send letters, but most of your messages are sent through texts and social media accounts. You always seem the know the best thing to write and it brings joy to others. People love to reread your messages and save them on their phone.

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