13 Clever Tombstones That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

When you decide to go find your loved ones at the cemetery, surely the last thing you think will happen is to find yourself breaking out into laughter in front of a tombstone … and yet, that is just what can occur if you happen to run across one of these cute and clever epitaphs!


In the photo gallery that follows, you will not be moved to tears while reading the last words of the deceased that are written as an epitaph on their tombstones.


No, quite the contrary, your face will light up with a smile, because these people were able to find humor and irony even when thinking of death …


While people’s final words definitely make a lasting impression, the fact is that if you really want to seal to the deal and make generations remember you forever and ever, you have to put it in stone. If that’s the route you’re going to take, then you need to decide if you want to make them weep or make them laugh, the latter being far more difficult, of course.


1. “I told you that I was sick!”





2. “If you are able to read this…”


If you can read this


3. “Well this sucks…”


4. “Now I know something you don’t!”

Visiting My Grandma's Grave And Found This On A Tombstone Nearby

5. “Kay’s Fudge”. (Looks like she promised to take her recipe with her to the grave. And she did.)

Best tombstone ever?

6. “Was hoping for a pyramid.”

I Was Hoping For A Pyramid

7. Stuff does happen.

Shit Happens

8. “D E A D” … Just in case there were any doubts …

9. “Go Away — I’m asleep.”

Go Away

10. “I arrived here without being consulted and I leave without my consent.”

I Came Here Without Being Consulted

11. “Destined to be a woman with too many cats.”

Found While Out Planting Flags In The Cemetery For Memorial Day

12. Hidden message.

Hidden Message

13. An honest man.

My Great Grandfathers Headstone. I Have Never Met Him, But I Wish I Had

Well, did these give you a giggle? We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did, and maybe they inspired you to have a little fun with your departure as well.