Choose a Log Home and Find Out What Your Choice Says About You

We all dream of the perfect destination- our home away from home. A place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A retreat for all the senses.

Looking at the pictures below, which one of these cabins would be your ideal place to get away from it all?

If you chose…

1 – Dreamer

Why dream of humble or average dwellings, when you can truly live the dream! You are right on the cusp of something big, although at times it seems elusive. You have an unwavering resolve and die-hard attitude. You are creative and think of ways to be successful, and maybe you have implemented some of them already. As far as you’re concerned, this house will be yours by next year! Before long, everyone will finally give you the respect you’ve longed for and deserve. You’re a talker, but you are also a doer and want to take the steps to make your success happen. Positivity is your middle name.

2 – Content

Life is pretty good. It’s not perfect, but it’s not as terrible as most people around you. You have a great job, nice car, comfortable place to live and a somewhat normal family. Well, at least as normal as any family can be. It’s safe to say that you are content, and although at times you wish for more, you know you are a lot better off than most of the world, so that is good enough for you. Life is good.

3 – Earthy

To have a home overlooking a view of a lake or scenic vista would be a dream come true, and that is because you love the outdoors. You prefer being outdoors doing anything that allows you to spend more time in the fresh air. The sunshine is your best friend and you love lots of sunlight to brighten your day. You like animals and probably have a pet. Chances are, you’re someone who likes to do things yourself, rather than hiring someone to do things for you. You have a positive outlook on life and are a pleasure to be around.

4 – Recluse

You enjoy being alone. You’re a deep thinker and intellect, and you prefer solitude as opposed to being involved in social activities. You like to make things with your hands and are rather simple in your tastes and preferences. You like things to be a certain way, which makes things difficult in relationships. Control freak? Maybe so, but you don’t have the time or desire to conform to how everyone thinks you should be living your life. You are a bit mistrusting of others, especially authority. You prefer simplicity over embellishment.

5 – Survivor

Although you have lived a difficult life, you are proud to have made it. In general, you still have a positive outlook despite everything you have gone through. You don’t need anything frivolous to prove yourself to others. You like to eat healthy, all-organic, or at least nothing processed. People see you as charming, warm and friendly and they enjoy the stories you share. It seems as though you have lived a hundred lives with the innate wisdom you possess. You have no desire to be anything other than what you are, and you don’t need material possessions to make you happy.

6 – Royalty

There is a bit of a narcissistic side to you. You believe you deserve the very best and won’t settle for anything less. Your dreams are lofty. You see yourself as a king, or a princess, and expect others to treat you as such. You play the lottery every week and like to live large, especially after payday. The problem is, sometimes your paycheck is gone by the beginning of the following week, so you have to live frugally on the weekdays. That’s okay though, none of that matters because one day you just know you will be rich and famous.